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Fast Calorie Counter


With this free calorie counter you have your calorie consumption at a glance. The simple and intuitive design of this calorie counter you will save a lot of time every day. No login required, no online connection necessary, no unnecessary permissions, no complex menus. Start now! Healthy eating and happy here.Whether you lose weight or want to build some muscle, counting calories! Your personal health coach in achieving your goals!
The Fast Calorie Counter allows you to capture your calorie consumption in a maximum of 3 minutes. Just the app start, enter calories and ready. Unlike other free calorie counters this free app dispensed with complex menus and unnecessary permissions. The practical overview you have your calorie consumption always in view and can control your diet and healthy eating deliberately.
Through beautiful and clear statistics you have your healthy eating and diet even over a long period of time at a glance. The statistics show you your eating behavior and the success of your diet. You can define and thus increase the success of your healthy diet through sporting activities your calorie consumption inviduell for every day.
For a successful diet and dietary changes, the difference between calories taken and calories burned is crucial. It is therefore important to have an overview how many calories consume on a daily basis.
The free calorie counter helps you to improve your healthy Enährung in your diet and your healthy lifestyle.
- Weight Loss: Focus on the calories to lose weight. Combine our calorie counter with sporting Akitivitäten and so reach your goals!
- Keep weight: find the eating plan that fits you. Keep your calories burned in an eye for your weight to keep.
- Weight gain: eating, eating, eating. Find out which calorie consumption will help you to reach your goal.- Toning: You need calories to build muscle. Keep your diet and calories with the free calorie counter in the eye!
Start now with our free calorie counter and lead your diet, weight gain or muscle building success!